Quotes from 5Rights’ Young Leaders

There must be a law for this.

I imagine that the digital world in the 22nd century will be advanced, brilliant and safe for all children to use effectively and creatively.

I think it is important that the views of young people like me are heard when rules and decisions are made which affect the way young people like me live our lives.

Data does not define me.

I’m telling the companies to stay away from my data! If they want it, they should ask.

I don’t want people I don’t know, knowing stuff only I or my friends should know.

It surprises me how much data is collected about you every day and how much they know about you.

I didn’t know the internet knew that much about you. I thought it’s just what you put out there.

Oil and its associated riches have been the cause of war and carnage and misery since its inception. The very fact that we have this parallel with which to compare the data industry, should make us more cautious of how we approach it.

I’ve left all this data lying around. Damn I’m screwed. I can’t lie. If the Nazis were alive, they would be able to tell who was a homosexual. We’re screwed.

All I want to do is disconnect from my phone for a long period of time, perhaps weeks, but there are always pressures preventing me. I love the way the internet allows for lots of new opportunities, yet it prevents me from doing a lot of things. I love reading, but by the time I’ve spent an hour too long on my phone, I can no longer read my book. It makes me angry that businesses use specific designs to keep young people on their app/website.

There is too much emphasis on what is illegal and not enough about what is unpleasant or distressing.

We want to be on the internet to learn and to share, but we are not ready for the whole adult world.

People are saying kids are spending too much time (online) but they’re causing it – the companies.

Are we even individuals rather than just algorithms?

Unless we understand the technologies that we use daily, we can’t control how they make us behave.