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There are over one billion children and young people online. Each day, another 170,000 go online for the first time.

The digital world was never imagined as an environment in which childhood would take place. It was invented by adults, for adults and designed with the idea that all users are equal. But if all users are treated equally, then children and young people are treated as adults.

5Rights Foundation exists to make systemic changes to the digital world to ensure it caters for children and young people, by design and default.

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About the Publication

The discourse about children and the digital world is plagued by false binaries. They must pay for responsible corporate behaviour with their freedom, for access with their privacy, for personal security with 24/7 surveillance, and for services with their attention. These binaries protect the business interests of the data driven companies of Silicon Valley, but they do not adequately meet the needs of children and young people.

In this collection of essays, global experts from a range of different fields set out their vision for a digital world that includes nearly a billion children and young people.

Published and distributed by 5Rights Foundation

204 Pages

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